Supervised Online Training (Worldwide) 2021-23

Petaltone Practitioner Professional Training Levels  1 - 4   Add Petaltones to your Therapy Skills  (Courses for beginners too)

Petaltone Reiki Online - Levels One and Two may be taken Online. Levels 3+4 require attending Training Sessions.

Petaltone Plant Ally Plant Spirit Shamanism Course Online -  Unique energy work system that can enhance any Energy Work

Secrets of the Singing Bowls Course Online   - Effective Sound Healing in a Structured Way

Courses for all from beginners to advance All Online Courses taken at your own pace (and include your detailed written feedback including case studies) and are supervised by David Eastoe Petaltone Founder. Email us for an application form.



Supervised Practitioner Worldwide Online Course 2021-23

The 2021/23 Practitioner Courses are designed to train in use of Petaltones to a professional level. Suitable for those who wish to add to or develop a client treatment based practice. Having completed Level 1 Modules 1+2 you will be able to offer Petaltone Treatments. Then Level 2 is available for those wishing to deepen knowledge of the Petaltone Treatment process and also covers advanced space clearing techniques. Whether you are an experienced Practitioner of other Modalities or a complete beginner, the Online Course offers a firm grounding in the practical application and understanding of Petaltone Essences. The Petaltone system of treatment is unique, and we aim to maintain a high standard of Training at all levels of this work. We do start with the most basic techniques, then work into deeper and deeper levels. Please note that at this time the Practitioner Level One Module Two does involve using essences with volunteer clients, and applying essences does involve being in closer contact ( 4 - 6 inches from body) whilst applyig the essences and Dowsing. Depending on your locale and situation this may be possible or not due to pandemic issues. We leave it to you to decide what is safe to do in your locale. (There is no time limit on the Course however and you may wish to take it anyhow as there is plenty that you can do on your own too.)

Petaltone Practitioner Level One

This powerful and effective Training is conducted via email and personally tutored by Petaltone Founder David Eastoe who has evolved Petaltones over the last 29 years. It involves your written feedback and detailed case histories. A certificate of completion is available at conclusion.The Level 1 Course is Structured as 2 Foundation modules based upon the Petaltone 21 Set and and covering the essentials. Having completed this you can coninue studies with Level 2.

Online Course Fees: Level 1 Practitioner Course Modules 1+2 £145

Payment online or phone via credit/debit card or Paypal, or via £GBP cheque or Postal Order.

Special 21 Set Discount : Course Students can purchase 21 Set inc p+p in Uk for £115 (pendulums no longer supplied)


Foundation Modules 1+2 details

Foundation Skills: The Pendulum, Basic Dowsing Techniques, Dowsing Essences, The Human Energy Field, Psychic Anatomy, Dowsing The Energy Field, Application Of Essences, Personal Journey through and deep exploration of the 7 main Chakras, Energy Diagnosis, Ground Rules For Treatment, Protection, Ethics Of Healing, Case Histories And Practical Experience, Introduction to Energy/Structure Relationships, ALSO: further discussion of the responsibilities involved in taking on healing clients, energy environment and energy pollution, causes, effects and how to identify and deal with it using the essences.

Practitioner Level 2
L2 Mod 1 Creating Safe Space for Energy Work - exploring the use of structures to create energy boundaries and protect ourselves whilst we do energy work
L2 Mod 2 Space Clearing Level 1 - we become aware of the energies around us and that these may need some cleansing! we explore how we can begin to achieve this
L2 Mod 3 Aura Protection Level 1
L2 Mod 4 Developing Energy Perception Skills - how we can deepen our awareness and understanding of the subtle energies

Practitioner Level 3
L3 Mod 1 Next Level Chakra explorations - taking it deeper                                                                                                                                                                                        L3 Mod 2 Petaltone interaction with Crystals for Healing and also Protection
L3 Mod 3 Remote Dowsing - we can select Petaltones from a photo
L3 Mod 4 Healing Animals with Petaltone Aura Treatments                                                                                                                                           
L3 Mod 5 Triple Applcation: A new way to apply essences that reaches into even deeper levels
L3 Mod 6 Lightfield Essences : working with high frequency essences
L3 Mod 7 Space Clear level 2 : a deep exploration of energy clearing including clearing land and water, and looking into what kinds of energy phenomena need clearing.

Practitioner Level 4
L4 Mod 1  Matrix Gold Set : a new approach to mind active essence application
L4 Mod 2 Freeform Application of essences to reach deeper levels
L4 Mod 3 Including the Upper Chakras in your Dowsing and Application of essences
L4 Mod 4 Using Minerals and Crystals in Geometric Grids with Petaltones for Protection

Practitioner Levels 2 - 4 £145 per Level, Certificate on successful completion of each Level.
Course Application Form available on request. (Payment via Paypal/Card Online Secure payments or £GBP cheque)



NEW COURSES for 2021-23 : Petaltone Reiki

For many years now ‘Reiki’ (which has its origins in Japan) has been one of the most popular forms of Healing both here in UK and in many other countries too. Now you can benefit from the 40 years’ experience we have at Petaltones as we have developed our own unique system of Petaltone Reiki that combines the best methods from both modalities into a user friendly, safe system of Healing. Levels One and Two may be taken as Online Courses, with Levels 3 and 4 requiring cworkshop attendance.

Level One
Basic Principles, Skills and Self-Healing

Level Two
Getting to Know and Heal your Chakras

Level 3
Distance Healing (Absent Healing) for People and Animals. (Workshop Attendance Required)

Level 4
One to One Healing with Clients (Workshop Attendance Required)

Online Courses taken at your own pace with written feedback and mentored by David Eastoe,  Petaltone Founder. Workshop Classes run by David Eastoe and Helen Guild.


Petaltone Plant Ally - Training Course Online

Learn how to use this simple but effective form of Plant Spirit Shamanism to enhance any energy work! Course release mid February 2020!

Course will include a 30ml Mother Essence bottle of Petaltone Plant Ally so that you can make up your own PPA to work with ongoing. Course involves written feedback notes and will be Tutored by David Eastoe, Petaltone Founder.

Course Fee £75 includes the Mother Essence and postage of this in the UK Outside UK add £5.00 shipping

short video demo of PPA

Application Form on Request  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


'Secrets of the Singing Bowl' - unique methods you won't find anywhere else

Sound Healing with Singing Bowls
An Esoteric Course by David Eastoe

This Online Course is a special one, revealing previously unreleased material and is available only to Practitioners who have some good solid years of experience and have preferably had Training in some form of structured Healing or Therapy, or perhaps have already been working with Sound for some years and want to learn some more about the deeper aspects of it.

I carried out many years of research into the use of Sound in Healing and Therapy before the Petaltone days, and successfuly ran healing Groups and Workshops with Sound in several countries, from Nederlands to Hawaii ! I also ran a recording studio specialising in Healing Sounds and music. I have recently been guided to make some of my knowledge in this area available to suitable students.

The Course is not expensive, contains written material and a couple of short videos, with your detailed written feedback notes. I will be your suoervisor and mentor for this Course which aims to establish safe Sound Healing methods.

please email for details