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Healing Music CD/Download


The Healing Flame  by David Eastoe

Music for deep mefitation, trance and healing, with instrumental sounds tuned to chakras.

CD available for £10 + p+p (aprox 60 minutes of healing music)

Title track of the CD is available on iTunes for $1.99  (11m 48s)

'Secret Places'  David Eastoe Album November 2014

37 mins of music inspired by the Hawaiian and Celtic Landscapes, played on guitar and piano, ewith Celtic Harp(on 2 tracks played by Helen Guild) and sampled instruments. Available on iTunes or on CD.

Mellow Tantric Jazz  by David Eastoe

(with guest musicians)

music for creating a sensual relaxing environment.

Check it out on CD Baby

'Night Whispering'

'Black Cockatoo'