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Discounts 2018

Please find the  'Any Essence' button offers a new 3x 30ml discount !

New Practitioner Professional Course 2018

NEW Training progam with level One taken as an Online Course and Level 2 attending a 2 Day Workshop run by David Eastoe (Petaltone founder) and Helen Guild, leading to Petaltone Practitioner Professional Certificate, allowing a new 1- 2 hour Petaltone Treatment. Those who have completed the Online Level One previously may also apply to take the Level Two in this way.

Full details of this brand new Course will be posted in the near future, so watch this space!

Computer/Phone Aura Protection Set

Protection from Computer/Phone Set 

Petaltone 5 essence set, which are ones from other sets we have been testing for this purpose. All of these can be used in the whole aura, all chakras. EMF Protect use before exposure, the others use after.

EMF Protection, HG OAK , HG Hazel, Release, Spirit Path 3.

NEW Beginners Petaltone SET

New Beginners Petaltone SET

Petaltone Essences offer a unique modality and for those who are just starting to explore, the following set has been created offering a discount on the essences and a selection that will enable a good introduction to their uses.

Crystal Clear (Space and Aura Clearing) , 30ml, Power Shield (Aura Protection), 15ml Pink Angel 10ml and Metta 10ml (chakra treatments for general heaing and support) Set price £29.99 + p+p (saving of £4.85)

You may use the button below to purchase this set.


NEW 'Spirit Path Essences'

NEW 'Spirit Path' Essences available now!

These powerful new essences are from Thailand and the special energies they bring can best be described as 'Spirit Path' energies

Spirit Path 1) Brings the higher frequency energies from evolved spiritual levels into your Astral, including Lower Astral. This helps to calm and heal, and bring into alignment

Spirit path 2) Transformation of harmful energies, and a calming and grounding, a bringing you into body in a gentle but powerful manner

Spirit Path 3) Psychic Gateway essence that helps the Astral alignment at this vital Gateway and is also very useful for those who do or who wish to Astral Travel, or who have issues with 'looseness' of the Astral Bodies. Also helps to focus the Mind and the Will. Heightens the senses, and brings a sence of deeper peace from above.


Available in all sizes (please use the 'Any Essence' buttion to order these at this time.