JUDY HALL - recommends Petaltone Essences in many of her books eg the classic 'The Art of Psychic Protection' , 'Psychic Self Protection' ,'Good Vibrations' 'Crystals and Sacred Sites' . Psychic Development' 'Crystals for Psychic Self Protection' Judy Hall's 'Psychic Development' is very informative and densely packed with useful stuff that you might find hard locating elsewhere...

Check out the many interesting publications by this amazing UK author! Judy's 'The Book of Why' offers a powerful overview of the workings of karma and reincarnation, based on several decades of case histories and insights. A rare glimpse of the deeper side of spiritual understanding in a world littered with entry level efforts! 'Crystals : How to use crystals and their energy to enhance your life' Hay House publication - simple crystal grids that can be used with Petaltones to keep out intrusive energies... a great new guide

please note that Judy Hall has now passed on from this plane of Being  Her books continue to be available and are a source of inspiration and knowledge that continues into the future....



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    • Vibrant earthy paintings from the heart inspired by stillness,open spaces and nature.
    • 'I specialise in spirit release and psychic attack, clearing people and places of unwanted energies.'