Petaltone Books :

Petaltone Book of the Aura by David Eastoe and Helen Guild  offers a good introduction to the Petaltone chakra treatments

Petaltone Book of Space and Energy Clearing : this is a big topic and the book offers insights and helpful info


Click on this Link to see a simple  'How to Use Petaltone Essences' video

1) Q. Can I mix essences when I spray or evaporate them? A. No, they must be applied one at a time, in the manner specifically described in the instructions for each one.

2) Q. Why should I not evaporate 'Safe Space' or 'Z14' into my Aura from my hands?  A. The plants contain toxins although their energies are amazing, and these particular essences work best when applied by placing a few drops by the feet, where the Eath Star chakra is. We are working with the spirit energy of these plants, not the chemical content!

3) Q. How often can I use an essence? A. most Petaltones can be applied as often as you feel. The instructions for each essence specify if this is not the case.

4) Q. These days everyone is spraying most essences, can I spray Petaltones? A. You can spray Crystal Clear, Clear 2 Loight and Golden Glow...the power of most of the essence is severely reduced by diluting and spraying, unless specified as a sprayable essence, please use by direct evaporation, unless you are extra sensitive, in which case you can try diluting the essence further. But once it is in water, it will not last for long either.

5) Q. what's the shelf life of a Petaltone essnece ? A. At least 35 years, they don't degrade appreciably. We have here a bottle of Crytsal Clear dating back to around 1994 : it works great!

6) Q. Can I take Petaltones through airports, Xrays etc? A. They are not affected by any equipment we have found so far, and unlike other essences you may come accross are rather more hardy.

7) Q why not take them internally? A. our essences are not made to take internally. A small number of our essences contain plant material which may be harmful if swallowed, and they are so much more effective when used as per the instructions.

8) Q can I use them in the bath? A. Any of the 21 Set and Space Clearing Set may be safely used in a bath. However Safe Space, Plumeria, and all leaf essences, Z14 may NOT be used in bath.

9) Q Can I use these alongside other treatments I'm having, either complimentary or otherwise? A. Yes

10) Can I purchase essences from sets individually ?  A. YES you can use the 'Any Essence 'button on the ordering page or wherever you see it.

11) I have ordered using the Any Essence button, how do I let you know which ones I want?  A. If you checked out without the opportunity to send us a message, then email us with your requirements , we are used to dealing with these.

12) I have placed an order, when will it arrive?  A. we send most orders out within 24 hours of receiving them during working weekdays, we use Royal Mail and orders for more than 1 x 10ml are sent First Class post. We do not email notifications of dispatch unless the order is a large one in which case a signature will also be required on delivery.

13) My order has not shown up  A. Firstly the order will not go through a letterbox so if you are not at home the postman may put a notice of attempted delivery through your box, so check for that. If there is none email us and we will check out when it was posted, and if it has not arrived in reasonable time (ie has gone astray) we will replace it.

14) My bottle is not full to the top. Why is this? A. essences are made by first adding the measured amount for the bottle size, 10, 15 or 30ml, using an accurate measure. Then the mother essence is added, which may vary from just a small number of drops to a large number depending on the essence. Therefore, different essences will fill the bottles to a different height. Also please note whilst the bottle size may be 10, 15 or 30ml, the actual bottle may hold much more than this. For example recent 15ml bottle stock holds nearer 20ml, so there will be a gap at the top.




Spray bottle syuitable for use with 'Crystal Clear', 'Clear 2 Light' and 'Goilden Glow'

Burner 2013

Oil burner/vaporiser suitable for 'Astral Clear' and 'Hawii 8'